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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Finger tutorial and 2 new Patterns

Well I finally got 2 more patterns done, I am trying to get most of the new items finished, because show season starts in less than 2 months. So I need to have everything done.  Here is the first one I finished up. I call this one Winter Magic.  He is a quick and easy project to do.  So simple to make.

Next, I have a lot of request for Prairie dolls, and here is my latest version of one. I call this one Hannah's Christmas tree. She is about 24" long and is holding a prim trim. This one really makes up fast.

I have alot of ladies emailing asking how to stuff those fingers. Love the look, but I hate to stuff fingers. Here is how I do it.

I sew my hand and I use a chopstick and push up the finger back into the hand part.  See picture below

Push each finger back into hand.

When you have all pushed up into hand as shown,

Push your chopstick up into one of the fingers in the middle and gently push the hand up into the arm. You Keep pushing until you reach the opening.  then pull out all the fingers from opening.

then I just use small bits of stuffing and push up into the fingers until you have them all stuffed.

Hope this helps, everyone has their own way of turning and stuffing, but this is best way that works for me.