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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sno-Folks remake, Free Easter Stitchery tags pattern and box end corner tutorial

I have been having several orders lately, from one of my older patterns. I decided to make a set today and update it a little.  I had forgotten how much I like these when I used to make them. I used to sell these wholesale through a rep and had to make so many of them, I got burnt out on them.  But I think I might actually bring them back this year to my show.  I am going to take some of the older patterns and put them in e-pattern form and offer them on the blog for a special price, until  the next one comes out, so please keep checking back for the pattern special. It will only last time I get the next one ready. I am offering the sno-folks pattern for the special price of $4.00.  Just look for the button on the side bar and it will be sent to within 24 hours after payment is made.

I have added another free pattern to the share box below, scroll all the way down to the bottom to download the Easter Stitchery tags.

While making the Sno-folks, it helped me to decide which technique to share next. The first time I did the box ends, I couldn't figure it out. Spent half a day trying, when all of a sudden it clicked.  So here goes if you are having trouble figuring out how to do it:  First off, trace your pattern onto doubled fabric, leaving an opening for turning.

Trim you piece leaving about 1/8" around.

Take your piece and fold the bottom seam toward the side seams, it should look like this on the bottom. Notice how the sides are pulled out.

You can see how the corners are sticking out.

Place on sewing machine and stitch across corner.

Continue on to other side of body and you will now have both corners stitched across.

This is how you piece will look before you turn it.

Hope this helps if you have been having trouble with the corners.  These are the sno-folk bodies shown at the top.


  1. What a great tut, Sandy! I've been doing these corners for a lot of years...but I WISH there had been this from the start. I was like you, I stumbled through it to start with. :) Seeing is so much easier than just reading for most of us. I still have the old pattern for the Snow Folks...great update on it! As always, really enjoying your blogs. ~ Nancy

  2. Thank you for the free easter tags pattern! You are the BEST!! Great tutorial on making the corners...thank you so much! Glad that you got your new is beautiful and look forward to seeing your creations! Take Care and God Bless! Donna,

  3. Thank you so much Sandy for always posting some kind of free pattern!! Having three kids, I have learned to be thrifty and it's so nice to know there are wonderful people out there that are willing to share their talent with those who are less fortunate to have that kind of talent! I appreciate you so much!

  4. Your Easter Dollie is adorable. Please enter me in your contest for this raggedy. Also, thanks for all your tutorials, they are such a big help.