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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Finally more e-patterns done

Sorry it has been so long on this blog. Being sick, sure limits what I can do. I did manage to get some of my lighted boxes done this past week. I have 3 big shows coming up and not enough inventory. the first set of boxes are from my #272 Winter Welcome light. I have had these boxes in my shed for several years.

Next I got 3 of my Christmas Blessings #284 also finished. These boxes always sell great at the shows.

I have the following patterns now in epattern form.

#272 Winter Welcome light box

#284 Christmas Blessings

#287 Sammy Snowman

#280 Best Friends Welcome light

#281 Prairie doll welcome light

I have a e-pattern special on this blog only on these patterns only $4.00 each. Remember tomorrow I will be getting chemo, so if you order tomorrow, it maybe tomorrow night before you get your patterns emailed to you.

Our next show is in Oveido, Orlando. Just a few miles from my friend Becky's house. She says it is a big show. Over 350 booths at a school. The best thing it is only one day. I would much rather do the one day shows.


  1. best wishes on the show & praying all is well with the treatment & the new patterns are fabulous!

  2. Good luck with your show and love your new patterns ♥

  3. Sorry to hear that you've been sick Sandy, I sure hope you are feeling better by now. Your creations are fabulous!

    Best wishes on your upcoming shows, hope all goes well. Try hard to take it easy and take care of yourself!! Don't over-do it!